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1-day masterclass for leaders and decision makers.

Artificial Intelligence
& Entrepreneurship

It's 2023. Generative AI has arrived, and it's time to rewrite the book on how to understand and practice entrepreneurship methodically. Both on founders and organizational leaders levels.


Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking are not dead, but AI Tools redefine their usefulness. At the same time, founders and executivess need to be empowered to profit from AI Tools in growth and change processes.Also, they need to pass that knowledge on to their organizations

This masterclass does both: enable participants to assess and verify new business proposals with the help of cutting-edge new AI tech, AND acquire the methodical knowledge they can empower their respective organizations with. Leadership through technology competence has never been more important.

Masterclass hosts


Christoph Raethke

Investor, Author, Founder,

Lecturer, Business Angel

Berlin Startup Academy


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Christian Sommer, Director Next Mannheim

"Actionable insights for shaping innovation policies of one of Germany's leading

industrial cities."


Dietrich Boelter, Founder/ MD, BestFriendBerlin 

"As a leading communications agency with clients from politics and administration, we need to stay ahead of the curve."


Dr. Sebastian Winkler, Managing Director, MESI

"The Masterclass gave me a great understanding of the dynamics that AI development and deployment are working under."

15 participants maximum. Only for decision makers in innovation-driven organisations.






AI tools are disrupting not only markets, but also entreprenerrship and leadership processes at lightning speed. That's why, when it comes to intra- and entrepreneurship, leaders need to understand concepts and opportunities, not a set of specific applications. Particularly now, while AI is still hype, we need to keep in mind that everything is still about solving problems or creating opportunities.

Run by Christoph Raethke.


As a founder, business angel, and author, Christoph is among Germany's most experienced entrepreneurship experts. His approach to AI is not so much technology-driven, but business- and results-focused.

Christoph joined his first startup in 1999, implemented Germany's first startup program in 2010 and founded Berlin Startup Academy in 2012. His podcast "Angels of Deutschland" answers all questions about how and why to become a business angel.

He has been helping several large German enterprises to build and run their entrepreneurship activities while being a mentor at numerous innovation programs. Guest lecturing at Universities of Bayreuth, Marburg, Saarbrücken, and Augsburg, as well as ESMT Berlin, his publications include e-Books, scientific studies, and podcasts.


This masterclass works with experienced leaders. Hence, it does not follow a "Teacher vs Student" scenario, but a collaborative, eye-level approach.  


Da Introduction of limits and opportunities of AI tools in an entrepreneurship context

Background picture: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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